Continuous Improvement DNA

When we first opened for business 30 years ago, we started with the objective to provide not only troubleshooting and repair services to our customers but many years of process experience with a knack for identifying safety and inefficiency issues.

Although named by many different terms, the process of observing manufacturing processes and offering solutions that improve the welfare of employees and financially benefit the customer is in our DNA.

That's why our mantra and literature consistently resounds with our desire to be a partner in our customer's facilities and processes. The more we are involved, the more we can identify and provide solutions for.

Is your production line operating at it's rated speed and even more importantly at it's rated efficiency? Do safe working procedures cost time that can be improved with innovative safety solutions that cut or eliminate working procedure time and provide a higher level of safety? Are operator indicators and annunciation giving the operator the information they need to efficiently react to process situations? Are repetitive alarms or breakdowns telling you that a solution is required to eliminate them completely and gain that time back in improved safety and efficiency?

The fact is, we love manufacturing and love to work with manufacturing customers that want to partner with a reputable firm known for their expertise in the manufacturing field. 

If this short discourse rings true with you, we would love to be invited for a tour of your facility and discuss the offerings we have to help you reach your safety and efficiency goals.

Like the marquis on a beverage container production line read: "This is a can plant, no can'ts allowed!!